High Intensity Magnetic Stimulator

As it name suggest, Salus Talent produces a powerful magnetic field that benefits  the various tissues of the body by stimulating them, reducing pain (analgesia) and promoting their healing process.

The advantage of its use is that we can address to the deep tissues of the body, such as nerves, bones and inner muscle groups by targeting them with excellent results.

Some of the magnetic stimulator’s indications are:

•Nerve paresis and neuralgia (nerve pain), as well as nerve root pain (eg Sciatica)

•Bone bruises and fractures

•Muscle strains and partial ruptures

•Joint inflammations

An important advantage of all these modalities , is the fact that, in contraction to past electrotherapy modalities such as microwave diathermies of Laser, there is no radiation to the treatment, thus making them safe for the human body.