Let's get to know each other

Nikos Sykotis was born in Athens in 1970. He  finished the physiotherapy faculty in Athens, graduating first with nomination. He finished his studies in 1994 with his clinical practice at North Tees General Hospital in the UK.

He worked as a member of orthopedic teams in most of the private hospitals in Athens (Iatriko psychko, Euroclinica, Athineon etc).

Post graduate training

He has been trained and qualified in various techniques and approaches regarding physiotherapy, such as:

Manual therapy techniques (Cyriax approach) from the American Academy of orthopedic medicine (1993-1995) and the European Teaching Group of Orthopedic Medicine (2011-2013).

Maitland manual therapy approach

McKenzie approach

Connective tissue mobilization

Bobath (physiotherapy for neurological conditions, such as strokes)

Spinal problems course with one of the leading researchers on the field, Dr. Peter O’Sullivan.

Combined movement spinal mobilization with Dr Chris McCarthy

Kinesiotaping application for sports and musculoskeletal problems

He is trained in applying western medicine acupuncture (dry needling and trigger point therapy) from Dr Panos Barlas